Dave Le Fleming – Painter, New Zealand

Varying in size from trinket boxes to floor-to-ceiling portraits, my oil paintings explore people and myth, using line work to tell the subject’s story. Reclaimed, sculptural metal surfaces show the passage of time.

Recently returned to New Zealand after 14 years in London, I now live and work in Taranaki. I’m represented by Apart Gallery in London and Contemporary Art Space Taranaki. My collectors include Deutsche Bank, Concord Records and Museum Hotel Wellington.

Below is a selection of artworks from Le Fleming’s most recent solo exhibition,
‘ORIGINAL MYTH – SERIES 1’ Potocki Paterson, Wellington 2019

Lindsay – God of Subsistence (2019) – oil on car bonnet
Crepuscular Sect (2019) – oil on tin can – 210 x 175 x 250mm
Supernova Sam – Lord of Mass (2019) – oil on metal panels (diptych) – 1200 x 1170mm
detail from Night Parrot – The Pocket Tickler (2019) – oil on fiberglass panel – 600 x 1220mm

Below is a selection of artworks from a solo exhibition titled
‘INSTRUMENTS OF POSSESSION’ Potocki Paterson, Wellington 2016

Festooning of the Mind (2016) – oil on case – 400 x 265mm
Carousel Kiss (2016) – oil on hat box – 400 x 346mm
oil on case – 438 x 255mm
With Your Moccasins of Dark Cloud Come To Us (2016) – oil on case – 438 x 255mm

Below is a selection of artworks from the group exhibition,
‘Objects of Desire’ Apart, London 2017

To see the complete series of portraits, visit

Blue print for a bear (2015) – oil on board – 1960 x 1960mm
Manu Likes To Disco, oil painting by David Le Fleming on car bonnet
Manu likes to disco (2015) – oil and enamel on car bonnet – 1270 x 1340mm
Detail of Cartoon Swamp Jazz, ink on board by David Le Fleming
Cartoon Swamp Jazz
Cartoon Swamp Jazz (2015) – ink on board (acrylic case with faux fur upholstered frame) – 1040 x 1283mm

Below is a selection of artworks from the solo exhibition,
‘PETROL’ Signal Gallery, London 2009, Lille 2010

Cinder under the door (2009) – oil & enamel on Triumph bonnet – 1200 x 1068mm
Spot looting (2009) – oil & enamel on Triumph TR4 bonnet – 1160 x 1340mm

Below is a selection of artworks from the solo exhibition,
‘Gullwing Mary and the Dannevirke Divas’ Degree Art Gallery, London 2008

Lolled n’ Smarten (2008)– oil, enamel and eggshell on car boot – 1140 x 735mm
Gullwing Mary (2008) – oil, eggshell & enamel on fridge door – 802 x 601mm
Excelene (2008) – oil & eggshell on tin can – 147 x 80 x 35mm

Below is an artwork from the solo exhibition, titled
‘MAKING UP FOR LOST BODY LANGUAGE’ Open studio exhibition, Anvil House, Wellington 2003

Biggles (2003) – oil & enamel on bonnet – 1040 x 1215mm

Below is an artwork from 2003
‘no.2 Join the Hayboy Club’ Wellington 2003

Doing time in kitchens (2003) – oil & enamel on fibreglass panels – 1210 x 1210mm

Below is an artwork from 2002

‘Cordial Factions’ Wellington 2002

Cordial Factions (2002) – oil & enamel on fibreglass panel – 600 x 1210mm