Instruments of Possession – Wellington


Potocki Paterson
41-47 Dixon Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Painting onto vintage suitcases, hat boxes and violin cases, Le Fleming introduces an oil painting series about oil painting itself. Referencing random bookmarks of art history as early as the 15th century, the objects he has painted pertain to the origins of one’s desires and wants.

Each painting depicts a certain form of possession. There are two identities, the objectified person, represented as a miniature, merely a passenger to the equation. Then there’s the financier, the voyeur, the motivator.

I like the night life (2016)
oil on violin case
240 x 803mm
oil on case – 380 x 281
White Rata (2016)
oil on case
281 x 380mm
Carousel Kiss (2016)
oil on hat box
400 x 346 mm
Sabbath Thy Pretty (2016)
oil on hat box
400 x 346 mm
Container of Darkness (2016)
oil on case
281 x 370mm
monster art
Festooning of the Mind (2016)
oil on case
400 x 265mm
oil on case – 438 x 255mm
With your moccasins of dark cloud, come to us (2016)
oil on case
438 x 255mm
detail of ‘I like the night life’

Below are some images taken on the opening night of Instruments of Possesssion, 25 March 2016.

Photo credit. Arlo Edwards