ORIGINAL MYTH – Wellington

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Each of David Le Fleming’s paintings in this series forges a new god for today’s startling new political, environmental and social landscape.

These animal, humanoid and nebulous forms rule relatable concepts and concerns with rich symbolic resonance. In the same way some artists reverse-engineer naivety, Le Fleming reverse-engineers religion, offering arresting graven images replete with presence, pathos and humour.

Le Fleming’s painting reveres the surface. Appropriating found objects from tin cans to tractors, he uses their defects and typography to illuminate the passage of time.

22 Feb – 24 March 2019
Potocki Paterson
Level 1, 41-47 Dixon Street, Wellington, New Zealand


Witch’s Hammer – God of Entropy
oil on tractor bonnet (assemblage also includes faux hair, plasticine, garden hose and drift wood)


Little Hand – The Inverse Principality
oil on tin can
102 x 156mm


Three Step Perpendicular
oil, enamel and sand on canvas
490 x 606mm


Supernova Sam – Lord of Mass
oil on metal panels (diptych)
1200 x 1170mm


Plasma Worm – God of Soil
1035 x 1035 x 280mm
oil on fiberglass air duct (plus internal tech, including lights and speaker system)


The Purple Lodge – Margaret is Pleased
oil on stretched velvet
1520 x 1520mm


Cupids on Badgers – God of Folk
oil on accordion case
450 x 490 x 240mm


Crepuscular Sect
oil on tin can
210 x 175 x 250mm


Seven Fields Remain Behind
oil on tin can
260 x 210 x 80mm


Ship inside this house you’ve made
oil on tin can
145 x 100 x 35mm


Night Parrot – The Pocket Tickler
oil on fiberglass panel
600 x 1220mm


Morning Brass
oil on found metal decorative plate
430 x 430mm


The Kraken
oil on canvas
600 x 700mm


Malaga – Lord of the Omnipresent
oil on wooden box
152 x 230 x 75mm


oil on underside of chair
370 x 365mm


Ion Compliant
oil on tin can
135 x 200 x 77mm


Moon Dock – God of Satellites
oil on wooden box
125 x 90 x 60mm


Blood Hare
oil on wooden box
100 x 120 x 65mm