We all think we’re good people

Traveling group exhibition curated by CAS Gallery Taranaki

Part 2 of WE ALL THINK WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE is presently on at Percy Thomson Gallery, Whakaahurangi Stratford

27 May – 21 July 2022

Group exhibition, featuring artwork by:
Peter Madden
Seung Yul Oh
Garth Steeper
Tia Ranginui
Rohan Wealleans
Kirk Nicholls
Kayla Adams
Sam Dollimore
David Le Fleming
Mary MacGregor-Reid
Leben Young

Thinking of you (2022) – oil and enamel on substrate fireguard – 710 x 610mm
Artworks arriving for install, Sam Dollimore to the left and two of David Le Fleming’s paintings
Maui fireguard (2022) – oil and enamel on oak fireguard – 560 x 677mm

Māui Firescreen is part of Le Fleming’s recent explorations in mythology in which he makes images of reverence and reflection for today’s world. Appropriating from heraldry, iconography and folk art, he has painted apon 2D relief found artifacts that are unsettlingly familiar.

Here, Le Fleming uses an antique oak firescreen to evoke a cosy colonial context. On it, he reimagines the critically endangered popoto, or Māui dolphin, as a mesmerising sea spirit of a medieval maritime map. This tutelary idol dwarfs nearby insignia of the humble dairy cow, offered as a metaphor for our existence as humans, food chain and industry, positioned precariously on a small boat. Rotational symmetry creates the feel of a playing card, telling of a gamble against nature, born of failure to recognise the land’s singularity, and the judgement of its guardians.

Dancing on the tongues of beasts (2022) oil and enamel on substrate fireguard – 675 x 600mm

27 May – 21 July 2022

Percy Thomson Gallery, Whakaahurangi Stratford
open daily 10.30-4pm Sunday 10.30-3pm

lines of enquiry please direct to director@percythomsongallery.org.nz

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