Vocabulary Gone Feral – Wellington

19 July – 6 August 2002
Walrus Gallery
111 Taranaki St, Wellington, New Zealand

"The only viable currency we have left is conversing with the uncool members of society"
The only viable currency (2002)
oil on fibreglass panels
1210 x 1210mm
Oil painting by David Le Fleming, featuring a typographical arrangement on an organic looking background
Exercise with scissors (2002)
oil on canvas
230 x 160mm
This discourse is paramount by New Zealand painter David Le Fleming, depicting a figure lying on their back contemplating
This discourse is paramount (2002)
oil on canvas
750 x 750mm
Oil painting of three woman standing in water having a conversation. Central woman has striped swimsuit.
Vocabulary gone feral (2002)
oil and eggshell on canvas
700 x 970mm
Typographic composition, oil painting by David Le Fleming.
Plaintive gander (2002)
oil on canvas
380 x 479mm
New Zealand artist David Le Fleming's painting depicting a typographic composition
Sample notion (2002)
oil on canvas
290 x 370mm
Small oil painting by kiwi artist David Le Fleming.
Waxing (2002)
oil and bone on canvas
190 x 240mm
Large canvas by kiwi painter Dave Le Fleming. Text reads: FLIP FOREST, MAKE LIME, WE'LL FINGER THEIR BOMB
Flip forest (2002)
oil and enamel on canvas
1080 x 1350mm
Nigel by David Le Fleming. Caption reads: We dropped a bunch of them Nigels out here a while back so they should be about fair game by now.
Nigel (2002) oil on fibreglass panels 1820 x 1210mm