PETROL – Shoreditch/Westbourne Grove/Lille


6-27 Nov 2009
Signal Gallery – 96a Curtain Road, London

20 May – 27 June 2010
Apart Gallery – 133-137 Westbourne Grove, London

3-24 Dec 2010
Vertikall Galerie
– 4 Parvis Saint Maurice, Lille, France

Le Fleming pursues the next car bonnet series with an exploration of sameness and difference. The series Petrol is a set of oil portraits painted directly onto car bonnets in driving scenarios. Each piece represents a multifaceted study of one individual, multiplied or cloned several times to construct the driving scene and interaction with itself.

The study therefore is twofold, it focuses on the human tendency to connect similar looking groups and impress upon them intertwined fates, bonds, and communications that in many cases do not exist. At the same time the exploration allows Le Fleming space to portray many sides of an individual – many contemplative. Within the intimate confines of an automobile, this prompts the viewer to assess for themselves human bonds and the interconnectedness of our futures.

For Le Fleming the automobile is an ideal platform for addressing these ideas. The car in itself encompasses not only a notion of human progress and technological advancement, but also of separateness from each other. But stripping back the glass confines and exposing the human situation within, the shared human experience can be glimpsed.

Cinder under the door – oil & enamel on Triumph bonnet – 1200 x 1068mm
Rolling in Kilburn – oil & enamel on Porsche bonnet – 1305 x 1295mm
Bang biscuit – oil & oil based egg shell on car bonnet – 1236 x 1055mm
Spot looting – oil & enamel on Triumph TR4 bonnet – 1160 x 1340mm
Mino 000 – oil and oil based egg shell on Morris Minor boot – 880 x 800mm
Mino 000 – oil and oil based egg shell on Morris Minor boot – 880 x 800mm

Saltarello – W1 London

12 – 29 June 2008
Window box
80 Charlotte Street, London W1A 1AQ



Making up for Lost Body Language – Wellington


24 July – 16 August 2003
Anvil House, 138 Wakefield St, Wellington, New Zealand



no.2 Join the Hayboy Club – Wellington

27 May – 14 June 2003
Start Gallery
149 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand



Barney’s World of Absolutes – Newtown, Wellington

Barney's World of Absolutes

14 September – 6 October 2001
Gallery on Riddiford
135 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand