Here you’ll find some examples of past commissions. To request a commission, please email

Francis Plug book cover – 2018

Francis Plug book cover
oil on metal panel – 300 x 410mm

Onto its second edition in paperback and getting rave reviews, Francis Plug: How to be a public author is by London-based author Paul Ewen.

This cover art was commissioned in 2016/17 for the hard cover special edition, due out end of 2018.


“Inspired. A brilliant deranged new comic creation.” – The Sunday Times

“One thinks of Goethe: one thinks of Shelley: one thinks of Plug. He is a force of nature, he is sage, bard and prophet: he is in addition a random menace, and at all times you need to know exactly where he is. They say there are no statues to critics. But the forth plinth awaits Francis. Perhaps he can be chained to it.” — Hilary Mantel

Blue Smoke – 2011

Blue Smoke
oil and eggshell on Standard Vanguard bonnet – 1360 x 1340mm

Blue Smoke was commissioned to help with the launch of Blue Smoke Records (, a record label that was setup to commemorate the 1950s no.1 hit ‘Blue Smoke’, sung by the illustrious Pixie Williams. It was the first New Zealand song to reach no.1 in the charts at home as well as America, selling 50,000 records and the first New Zealand song to have sheet music made up for it. The painting which was commissioned by Amelia, daughter of Pixie Williams, was auctioned and now belongs in the Museum Hotel art collection in Wellington.

The subject, who is depicted rowing a boat is Ruru Karaitiana. He wrote the song Blue Smoke in 1940 aboard the troopship Aquitania, enroute from New Zealand to WW2.